Apogee client side printer setup error



I have a windows 2000 32 bits server with Apogee RIP installed and connected to an Accuset. Everything is OK in the server side.

I am trying to install the accuset printer in a client machine, the computer that I use to design. This computer has Win 7 64 bits.

When I try to setup the printer I am able to see the printer in the network, but I get an error: no driver found for Agfa accuset 1000SF v52.3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Do you have any of the disks/CD's that came with your Accuset? Although it won't be 64bit, there...should...be some kind of driver on there.

hello, good afternoon, greetings, I am new to the forum, I would like to know how I can find the software to rip the apogee pdf rip, I have an agfa accuset 800, thanks


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