Beer & paint can labels are major POS influencers


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When a customer lifts a cold craft beer or dips a brush into a can of paint, the product labels have probably made a difference in why that product was chosen over another. Distinctive labeling does make a difference at the point-of-sale!

One printer that recognizes this is Ohio based, Oak Printing—a nearly 100-year-old manufacturer of paper labels—customers include some of the leading names in paint & craft beer. Established in 1922, their first customer was local paint manufacturer: Glidden. Oaks’ customers demand high-quality, color consistency and on-time delivery to ensure their products stand out on the shelves and result in a purchase.

Capitalizing on the latest KBA automated technology, Oak took delivery of a new Rapida 105 PRO 41-inch 8-color press, this fall, equipped with a host of unique automated technology, for a variety of their substrates—primarily C1S (Coated 1-Side) sheets up to 60-70 lbs. for paint can labels and WS material as light as 40 lbs. for craft beer labels.

Many factors drove their decision to choose KBA, notably, the trusted relationship between them and the ability to double their capacity with the speed & automation of the Rapida. A key factor in Oak’s choice was the integrated QC, on-press camera. This automated system allows Oak to get up-to-color faster while maintaining consistency across the sheet, allowing them to grow and potentially move into new markets. There are many great examples on their website.

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