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Hi Esko users, could anyone offer advice? My company still operates a really old version of PackEdge creating native ‘GRS’ files, and still use CSAM and Expose, again we haven't progressed from a ‘FastRIP B’ and a BG3800 imagesetter. My question is we want to move to PackEdge 16.1, but keep the BG3800. I’m told Esko cannot supply us with a ‘RIP’ that will be compatible with packedges 'normalised pdf' files and the BG3800. Would there still be any active BG3800 users who know how to solve this problem? Thanks
The FastRip B can take Tif Group 4 can’t it? Is it that simple? Or does no modern Esko Rip offer TifG4-out, to feed to theFastRip?

or is the problem that the CSAM/Expose only recognizes Grs/Gro?

Maybe we just used to place the TifG4 in a big Grs then expose.
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Hi Duane, yes, my current expose only seems to recognise native 'GRS' files. I was hoping when I used the Utility command, that I could cheat and put either 'Tiff' in the prompt to send files 'to' the laser, or put 'laser' in the prompt and be able have a 'from' tiff option, but no it doesn't work. Also thought about trying to create 'hrx' files, but my version of 'FastRIP' doesn't recognise them either.
Going forward with the BG3800 and RIP I have, the only option I can think of is to keep the old system live, and add an extra stage to my workflow.
i.e. Save my working files as PackEdge PDF the save again as PackEdge GRS option to expose as current system.
As the FastRIP Esko doesn't recognise packedge pdf, and their modern RIP/AE can't work with the BG.
I don't really understand the bit about placing a Tiff into a grs file, as I would still have to save the file as a 'GRS'?
Thanks for taking the time to assist on this matter.


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