Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 4100s - stribes across color printout


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I bought a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 4100s almost a year ago. Now, I'm beginning to see stribes in colored printouts (bright green and dark blue in this particular case). The stribes run in the same direction as the print head and they are approx 5 mm apart. Looks like absence of color - like the print head is the problem. I have already tried a handful of things to solve the problem:

*Cleaned the printer inside and out according to Canon's own guide
*Cleaned the print head - both the standard and thorough cleansing
*Printing of nozzle control pattern - looks fine
*Adjustment of print head - both automatically and manually

I use Canon satin photo paper 240 g and both printer and drivers are set up to use this paper. The cartridges are not empty. Despite my efforts the faint stribes are still visible across the printout. I have contacted Canon support and they booked someone to come by and take a look at it. But it might be a week or so until he shows up, and I need to use the printer.

I hope you have some ideas that will help solve the problem.


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I had this issue on my tx-4000 which uses the PF-06 printhead. Turns out that despite having all my settings dialed in correctly, this persisted because the printhead was on its way out. I replaced it with a new printhead and it went away. You could try removing the printhead and cleaning it with a product like Magic Bullet, but I haven't ever done so. I've read stories of it being sucessful, but I just bit the bullet and spent the $500 or so to get a new printhead. Yours uses a PF-10, not a PF-06, so take my anecdotal experience with a grain of salt.
It turned out there were multiple reasons why this problem occurred. It helped installing a better printing profile on the printer but the change that made the biggest difference were changing the height of the print head.

Thank you very much for your comment ReproElectroProspero.
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