Canon ImpoProof


Anyone using the Canon ImpoProof?
Looking for feedback regarding paper usage/waste.
I heard it was excessive.

Mike Metroka
C&D Printing
Hi Mike,

I have seen the ImpoProof in action. You'll lose approximately 2 feet of media each time you queue something to it. It's best when you can queue multiple jobs to it at the same time.

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Best 2 sided proofer bar none! Holds a 300ft roll of paper that can be bought for $100 per roll so we are not to concerned about paper waste.
2 forms always sit in machine waiting on printer 2 to back up till new job(s) pushes out ones in loop.
I have cued 18 forms on my way out the door for them to be ready & waiting for next day. Our busy shop could not keep up without one.
Jams are near nonexistent.
Don't get me wrong, ImpoProof is a solid solution and I may get one when my SpinJet's can no longer be used.

We have one too. The excess only happens when you "need" to have your proof "now". If you let them queue up and then output when there is enough in the queue. Then there is very little loss, besides at the beginning and the end of the roll. The beginning of the roll will print out 3 test IMPOs for alignment and just for getting the paper loaded. So that is not really a loss. But the end of the roll, you will probably lose 2 IMPOs and maybe a third. Every once in a while there is a hickup. Usually has something to do with the printer themselves, like out of ink or a print head that needs replacing. Or a Windows update that happened while the queue was full. But other than those issues, which are very minor in comparison to how much work these things pump out. Only down side is the amount of floor space they take up, but still not too much more than our Epson Stylus Pro 9900 that we were using for IMPO proofing.
There are 2 printheads per printer on Cannon printers that drop in by user in about 30 mins. Printheads are labeled left & right. Either one can be changed at anytime without replacing it's partner. The Cannon printers are stout machines. I have one stilling working after 8 years of service.
We've had our Cannons for about 2 years, and just had to install our first print head. Wish we had known it took 30 minutes. But still it was not bad, and it was right back up and running again.

I remember when we got the printers and when we ordered some supplies and they said we needed to have some printer heads, I thought that was very weird. But different machines.

This thing has saved a lot of personnel time. Not sure on the exact ROI, but I'm sure it has been a good investment. Even better than we had originally thought.
Would anyone happen to have the procedure for ImpoProof newer camera calibration?
The procedure in our old manual is not compatible after we upgraded.


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