Challenge 305 MB cutter


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My knife is slowing down after about 5 min. of cutting. Changed the fluid and the cut cyl. no improvement. Any suggestions. it is not supported thru tec. any more.
We've got the same problem since Challenge won't support such an old model. Never had the knife slow down like that, but it seems like a hydraulic issue. We were lucky enough to find a cutter service tech around here who has the know-how to do the repairs and connections to get the parts. When he retires, our Challenge 305 will be viable only until it's final breakdown. Have you researched any local cutter service providers? That cutter of ours has been "old reliable" for many moons and hard to unload as long as it keeps going!
Alaska Printers Supply (google them) might willing to help you over the phone with Challenge issues for a modest fee. Hydraulic techs from other industries may be able to help with pump issues- the guy I use for stuff that I can't do in-house is a marine hydraulics specialist who mostly works with commercial fishing boats.
Hi sir;

I saw your problem.

When you replace the hydraulic oil, you must Bleed the entire system, otherwise the paper cutter
will Not o.k

Bleed: 1) clamp
2) cluth , and see if the machine are NOT leaking in some please.

All solenoids must be clean, and look for any oil coming, see for loose wires, and tight, look for the voltages is arriving well, in according with your schematic d.

Please supply the serial number.

Let me know, sincerely

[email protected]

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