Chip Bypassing Kit for FormLabs 3D Printers


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Chip Bypassing Kit for FormLabs 3D Printers
By LFP Repair Services

A recent development in 3D printing is LFP Repair’s Chip Bypassing Kit for FormLabs Printers.

This kit enables users to use alternative resins while continuing to maintain the full functionality of FormLabs 3D printers. Using the existing cartridge, LFP Repair’s Bypassing Kit replaces the resin chip in FormLabs’ Form 2 and Form 3 models, affording these benefits:
  • Supports the latest 3D printer firmware,
  • Enables these printers to be used with any resin a user chooses,
  • Resets the resin level to 100%.
This Kit opens your FormLabs’ printer for 3rd party resins, dramatically saving production cost. For example, OEM resins start from 150 USD while 3rd party’s resins are around 70 USD. As a result, you save 80 USD per refill. LFP’s Chip Bypassing Kit has no limitations on the number of resets, allowing resin levels to be reset an unlimited number of times.

LFP’s Chip Bypassing Kit comes as an assembled tool—there is no need to drill or solder your resin cartridge to install it.

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Bypassing Kit includes:
  • Chip emulator
  • FFC Cable
  • Holder for Bypass
  • Bypass
  • Doubled sided tape
  • Software
  • Programming cable
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