Can Expiry Dates & Recharge Ink Levels Be Reset on Original Mimaki Ink Chips?


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This is one of the most common questions found on industry forums along with whether resetting these parameters voids the printer’s warranty. After realizing they can reset these parameters, these threads always follow up with whether resetting these parameters voids the printer’s warranty. So, this article addresses these two questions and describes how to change these parameters.

First, let’s cover how you can bypass the ink expiry date problem and top up an ink level. You can either use so-called permanent ink chips, or you can reset the original Mimaki ink chips that you have in your printer.

If you choose to purchase permanent ink chips for your Mimaki printer, note that using ink chips from any supplier besides Mimaki may void the warranty on your printer.

The other thing you have to be aware of is that permanent ink chips have an expiry date. Don’t be confused with the name “permanent ink chips.” Depending on the manufacturer, they can last for 6, 12 or 18 months. After that period, you need to purchase a new one.

Although these drawbacks exist, some circumstances can benefit from permanent ink chips. But, it is important to consider these drawbacks when deciding which method of bypassing the ink expiry date problem best fits your needs.

The second method of bypassing the ink expiry date problem and topping up an ink level involves reprogramming the original Mimaki ink chips you already own according to your needs.

Reprogramming the original Mimaki ink chips can solve these issues without voiding the printer’s warranty. This makes it a great option for those with relatively new equipment. The Mimaki chip resetter also offers unlimited uses and solves the issue for different printer models as well.

You can use MikaChip, the latest Mimaki ink chip programmer on the market, to reset different parameters.

So, what’s MikaChip? MikaChip is an ink chips resetter that incorporates easy-to-use software along with a physical device. Next, we’ll go over each of the parameters you can set up using MikaChip.

Let’s start with one of the most common parameters that users need to set up, topping up the ink level. In the MikaChip software, you need to tick off the ‘Recharge Ink Level’ box and select your cartridge vol. Then, you can set the ink level to the desired amount of 50%, 70% or 100%.

The expiry date is another common parameter that users need to reset. To change the expiry date of an ink chip, tick the ‘Increase Expiry Date’ box. This automatically extends the expiry date of the ink chips for 3-6 months.

If you need to change the color on the ink chip, you need to tick the ‘Change Color’ box. Ticking this box gives you a menu for selecting the color you want. Simply select the color you need from the menu, and then the software will automatically write the new color onto the chip.

Here is the list of colors in the Set Color submenu:


If you need to change the ink type, tick the ‘Change Ink Type’ box. After ticking the box, a list of ink types available will open allowing you to select the type of ink that best suits your needs.

Here are the ink types available in the submenu item:


Now let’s see which printer models the MikaChip resetter supports. To find the list of printer models, select open “File” then “Select Printer Model.” This opens a drop-down menu with a complete list of models supported by Mikachip. The supported models include the JV33, CJV30, JV5, TX400, TS3, JFX, UJF, UJV, SWJ, Fuji Acuity LED 1600R, Fuji Acuity LED 1600 II and more.


Once you set up all of the parameters in the software, you use the physical device to reprogram the chips. The device includes a USB cable to connect to your computer.

After connecting the device to your computer, connect the ink chip to the device by attaching the black ‘alligator connector’ to the long plate, and the red ‘alligator connector’ to the short plate on the ink chip.


With your chip connected to your computer, click on the “Read from chip” button in the software to get the necessary information from your chip.

Finally, you can program the chip with the parameters you previously set. Click the “Program chip” button and the software will write all the selected parameters onto the chip.

If the parameters write successfully, the software gives you a “Success” notification. After receiving the notification you can disconnect your ink chip and use it as usual. You can also follow these steps again to reprogram your ink chips as often as you need.

Although permanent ink chips can void the warranty on your printer, both methods offer an effective solution for bypassing expiry date and ink level problems on Mimaki ink chips. For more information, look here.


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