Mimaki ink chip programmer/resetter for sale


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Mimaki ink chips programmer - a good alternative to permanent ink chips.

Supports Mimaki models and ink types as follows:
JV3(SS1), JV3(SS2), JV5(HS), JV33(SS21), JV33(BS2), SB51(MBIS) Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems, SB52(MBIS) Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems, JV33, CJV30 (ES3), LH100(UJF), LF200(UJV/JFX), JF/JFX Plus(UV), (BS3) // NYU, UVLED(LH200), PRIMER
Resetter also supports Fuji Acuity printers with Fuji LL and Fuji RL ink types.

For more information - LFP REPAIR SERVICE | MikaChip | Mimaki and Fuji ink chips programmer



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