Mimaki ink chip programmer/resetter for sale



Mimaki ink chips programmer - a good alternative to permanent ink chips.

For Sale: MikaChip the Ink chip programmer - a good alternative to Mimaki permanent ink chips.
MikaChip incorporates a software and device that allows you to reset Mimaki ink chips unlimited times, so you can use ink from any supplier of your choice.
With MikaChip, you can reset ink level and expiry date, and change ink type and colour on the original Mimaki ink chips.
Unlike permanent ink chip sets, which you have to buy for every ink type, MikaChip alone can reprogram the original Mimaki ink chips for the following ink types:
JV3(SS1), JV3(SS2), JV5(HS), JV33(SS21), JV33(BS2), SB51(MBIS) Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems, SB52(MBIS) Mimaki Bulk Ink Systems, JV33, CJV30 (ES3), LH100(UJF), LF200(UJV/JFX), JF/JFX Plus(UV), (BS3) // NYU, UVLED(LH200), PRIMER.

Also, the resetter supports Fuji Acuity printers with Fuji LL and Fuji RL ink types.
For more information - LFP REPAIR SERVICE | MikaChip | Mimaki and Fuji ink chips programmer

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