Choosing the Right Printer for Postcards


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Hi All! I am looking for some help with choosing the right equipment for our business. We currently do all of our direct mailing in-house. We send around 2,000 letters per week but would like to start sending postcards as well. I am having a hard time finding the right printer to handle the heavier stock paper. We would be sending out approximately 2,000 6” x 8.5” postcards per week. I am looking for a printer that is efficient on time and production cost. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or help educate me on my options? Thanks in advance!


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At 4-up on a 13 x 19 sheet, that's only 500 sheets per week. Not much volume there. I'd job it out until your volume increases substantially.


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I agree with MailGuru, that is a small volume and you are probably better off at the moment outsourcing that till your volume increases. You add maintenance and the headaches that come with digital printing for a very small volume.

What is the weight of the stock you are printing on? Guessing a 10pt or around there. There are plenty of machines that will handle that weight, just not sure if it will be cost effective to spend the money on a machine for that run length.

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