College Graphic Communications Program Enhances W2P Curriculum


Staff member
Aleyant—provider of automated workflow software services—reported that the Graphic Communications Program at Chowan University—Murfreesboro, NC—has added Aleyant Pressero Web2Print & Aleyant eDocBuilder variable data tools to its Spring curriculum. The University offers both 2 & 4-year graphic communications programs.

Aleyant Pressero & eDocBuilder will be integrated with the University’s Fujifilm XMF workflow, installed in their in-plant printing operation. Overall, the Aleyant products will help to better prepare students for real-life success in future employment, as they graduate & seek jobs in the graphic communications industry.

According to Jennifer Newton, Assistant Professor of Graphic Communications, “The goal of our program is for students to understand the entire process from idea/concept development through print and finishing”.


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