Color matching between Indigo and offset


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My local HP Indigo 5500 agent created 39l , 47l profile but my jobs used many kinds of paper such as Antallis paper . When we printed proof on Toccata paper for offset matching. Why I can't use same ink density for both Indigo and offset ? Thank you for recomendations

Bill W

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Density only measures ink thickness, not color. Additionally color is effected by substrate color. I would guess that if you measured your solid ink patches using a spectrophotometer you would find out that the same densities printed on your offset press and your indigo are not close in Lab values, therefore they are not close in color.


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ICC profiles, either from Fogra or GRACoL, reference a white point for the substrate. If you paper fits into that general type of paper (gloss coated, dull/matte, uncoated, which effect SID & TVI) and has similar CIE Lab for whiteness (dE<3), then that profile should be close.

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