Convert stroke to fill in Indy or Illustrator CS2


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Hi all! Does anyone know how to convert a stroke to a fill (or 'stroke a stroke') in InDesign or Illustrator CS2? I've been searching through the online help in vain.

Maybe there's another solution to my problem: I have a shape with a thick white stroke that overlaps another similar shape. My intention is for the stroke not to be white, but to be 'subtracted' (pathfinder subtract) from the shape underneith so that the background shows through.

I thought if I could convert the stroke to an outlined shape, it would then work to just say 'subtract.'

Thanks in advance!
Re: Convert stroke to fill in Indy or Illustrator CS2

Hi Nicolas,

The function you are looking for is... Object menu --> Path --> 'Outline something'.

I'm not sure what the 'Outline something' is really called (I have a Dutch version of CS2), but it is the third menu-item in the Path menu.
Re: Convert stroke to fill in Indy or Illustrator CS2

Hi, Nicolas-

I've found these kinds of operations easier in Illustrator, so here's an answer that applies to IL (CS2). Draw your stroke, select it, then go to OBJECT --> EXPAND. You should get a dialog popping up that asks what you want to expand (object, stroke, fill) -- when merging shapes as you describe, you probably want to EXPAND --> STROKE, and leave FILL unchecked. Expanding the Fill will join the ends of an open path, giving you weird results. I've attached a screenshot for you.

Hope this helped!
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Re: Convert stroke to fill in Indy or Illustrator CS2

You could also do this with layers- the shape with the fat stroke on the bottom, the other shape above that, then the first shape, but without the stroke.


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