Cost of JDF driven cutters and folders??


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Does anyone know the avg costs of these JDF drive devices?
I realize there is a broad spectrum of equipment sizes and configurations, but what would JDF add to the cost of devices?


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"These" JDF devices ? Some JDF "devices" are simply software to process JDF files. For example, our PressWise system has a option to generate a JDF file that is was developed to pass certain printing related details for a job to a JDF Processor that expresses someting very simple - like what paper to select from which tray, where to fetch the imposed PDF file to print with (it is a URL in the JDF file ) and how many copies to print. That is it. We don't charge "extra" for that. I don't think HP charges extra for the Indigo DFE to have the JDF Processor either.

But if we are thinking "what about a cutting or folding machine" - then the "extra" cost might be - developing a JDF and JMF software ( to process files and messages ) - which requires some physical or wireless connectivity to a network and some computer to process this data and run the machine. So, added costs would be a computer, a network connectivity system ( EtherNet or WiFi ) and software development.



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Horizon appears to have more mature JDF support than some competitors. Ultimate Technographics has some interesting integrations that they advertise and might be able to provide guidance.


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We had a Mohr 80 NET cutter, which had a premium 6000 USD on the price badge over the 'basic' model. It came with a Windows software, which had some very advanced functions to optimize the cutting workflow and drive the cutter. It wasn't 'JDF capable' as far as I know, though.

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