Creative Cloud Enabled Globally for Schools Impacted by Covid-19


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With many schools facing physical closures & moving to online learning due to COVID-19, Adobe announced they’re giving greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps to facilitate distance learning for students and educators, globally—making it possible to keep coursework, teamwork and student progress on track through at-home access to Creative Cloud.

Higher education & K-12 customers—who currently log-in through on-campus labs—can request temporary “at-home” access, through May 31, 2020, at no additional cost.

To learn more and request access, please follow this link.


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I just got an email from Enfocus for free temporary keys on Pitstop as well.
I'd share the link, but it's a personalized link that autofills my email address.


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Thanks, it's definitely kept kinda good offer! One the other thing worth mentioning: What do you say about it, Adobe says you'll be charged a cancellation fee!