Digital Roll labels and Finishing for Sale


Trojan T2C - 9" Width - Roll Diameter 12" - Value $45,000
Memjet Ink technology print 30-60 FT/min
Bulk Ink System very efficiency and smart way for business.

Any002 - 8.5" Width - Roll Diameter 12" - Value - $19,000
Digital Laser Roll label print 30 FT/min
We use for back up our Memjet or you can print jobs if Memjet is busy.

DuoBlade DB320-S- 9" width -Roll Diameter 12"-14" - Value - $39,000
Digital Finishing Blade contour cut Roll

AnyCut - 8.5" width - Roll Diameter 12" - Value - $99,000
Digital Finishing Laser Contour cut Roll
*** This machine never seen before very great to cut any shapes and event perforated

PC System with Wasatch Rip software control - Value $4,000

Air cleaner for Digital Laser Print - Value - $3,500

Inventory ready to doing the job. - $3,500 materials.

We will provide good training with machine still in our facility. - No value because our training very valuable :)

Let us know and this future market for Digital Packaging. You never seen before but these technology system available now.

Check our facebook for some these machines printing.

Asking $160,000.00
714-313-0164 - I can text some video production.


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