Duplo 618 newbie

I have a new Duplo 618, I've had the training and I've run a few jobs through it.

I can't for some reason figure out why my cuts aren't happening where I expect them to. I have used both manual setups as well as the template route through the fiery and both give me the same result. When cutting business cards, 24 up with .25 gutters on 13x19 the cuts increasingly cut into the bottom of the card and the top cut adjusts the same amount. Each card is just a little more off than the other. I don't understand, I've talked with the guy who trained me, I've consulted the manual, but I've got no answers.


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With every job on our Duplo there is some fine adjustment no matter how accurately we measure the lead trim and side trim. First step we work on is shrinkage, there's a shrinkage factor that changes with many different variables such as toner coverage, uncoated/coated stock, etc. This is what your describing as each card is a bit more off than the next. The beginning sheet size might be something lik 484mm but with shrinkage (up or down) it could end up at anywhere from 482-486mm. Once we have shrinkage nailed down, meaning every card is at least cutting in the same spot, we work on the fine adjustment of the cut shift. Hope that helps!


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How are you imposing your document? In Fiery Impose? Or other software? The Duplo's now connect/import templates with Impose on your Fiery controller to match the machine's templates identically. I'm guessing your imposition isn't correctly made. I ran a Duplo 616 for 5 years, and now an AeroCut Prime for 2 years, both with various Konica Minolta printers (C1070, C3080, C6085), and rarely, if ever have to adjust for shrinkage. We cut thousands of business cards a week without issue. We make sure to use the same template and follow the drawer alignment procedures on the Konica when loading paper. And no, speed doesn't usually effect the accuracy.

If you don't have a Fiery or Impose, you can go into the software on the Duplo and see all of the measurements for the specific layout you're using to apply in your software of choice. If one measurement is off in your layout, everything else is thrown off too.


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I am using impose and applying the template on the duplo
To clarify, are you importing the templates into the Fiery, or recreating the template manually to match the Duplo's settings? In your original post, you said .25" gutters, but I believe the duplo template is 6mm gutters, which is .236" (at least it was on the 616 if I remember correctly). That difference of .014 will add up by the time you get to the bottom of the sheet.
I am creating the template on the fiery and importing it into the Duplo. I just did a run of bc, and found that if i adjust the shrinkage upwards instead of down. I was able to get consistent cuts where I wanted them. It doesn't make sense to me, but it worked.


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I use "adjust image position" inside my paper catalog by printing a test sheet along with a guide sheet and scanning it back in. This gets my prints centered and printed at 100% without messing with shrinkage settings on the Duplo.

If the borders are stupid tight and nothing else works, I will occasionally give in and run business cards on letter sized sheets.
I figured it out. I was subtracting mm from the length in the shrink adjust window. I figured I would go the other way and make the sheet longer, which to me seems counter-intuitive, but it worked. The machine reacted exactly how I wanted it to and I was able to dial it in. What a headache though.


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Have you found that speed can affect the accuracy?
on this question, i have found that yes - speed affects accuracy greatly. When cutting things with tight registration (like 1-2mm) my cuts are always slightly wrong unless I run the machine at its slowest speed. This is even while using CCD registration.

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