EFI 16h UV Print


Hello All,

The shop I work for is seriously considering the purchase of an EFI 16h flatbed/wide format printer. I am wondering if anyone can offer advice in the following area:
Climate control -
How important is humidity consistency? How consistent does it have to be to avoid problems?
What are problems that are experienced with the printer/production when humidity and temperature levels fluctuate?
What have you done to control your shop environment?
Are plastic curtains for room separation good enough, what is a better solution for separation other than hard walls and doors?
I was warned about making sure that the humidity is "clean", meaning that the water is filtered and softened. How big of a problem is this and what have you done to solve it? (FYI - the water here is hard. Really hard. The humidification system for one part of the shop can't filter and soften enough to eliminate the grey powder problem...fun.)

Thanks for your help.

Have a Good One,
I would say that if you can keep from printing on the belt. That's a great start. If that says clean, u will have more success getting material through the printer. We have a HS and LX. We have A/C and the water system u were talking about. Hope this helps


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