Envelope issue on Versant 80


We ran 300 C5 envelopes this week on the Versant 80. De-flapped, closed edge fed first from bypass Tray 5, running as 100gsm as specified on packaging.

(See pic) We started noticing on JUST the flap had a little strip of either C M Y or K and these ran in order so 1st would be Cyan second Magenta so on. Also just over half way the flap has a 'shadowed' area of colour which seems to be pretty uniform placement on every flap.

We ran through another 'Digital friendly envelope and that had exactly the same issue, as thought it may be the envelope.
Artwork is same size as main body of envelope with just an address and logo.

Has anyone else had this before?



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Have never run an envelope that big in our 2100, but the #10 envelopes we do print we leave the flap closed. Do you have to open up the flap to print? Maybe try with the flap closed?
We have found running with flaps open helps the machine operate more efficiently less jams, cleaner feeding etc... But with the statements above about what it probably is will rethink on deflapping and see if that helps in future for this issue.

To be honest we don't run that amount of envelopes so the odd jam or two isn't that much hassle!!

Thank you for your responses!

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