Epson P9000 not recognizing ink cartridges


We have 2 P9000 printers that are about 4 years old. We are starting to get a message that the printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge when replacing the old with a new cartridge. Sometimes reseating the cartridge helps. Other times I have to use another new cartridge. Other times when replacing one new cartridge, the printer will not recognize any cartridges. I usually resolve this by powering down and restarting. Is anyone else experiencing this or having these issues with their Epson P9000. We are using GMG as our RIP. Thanks
I also have two P9000 printers that are about the same age as yours and so far, (knock on wood), I have not experienced this. Unless you've already tried it, I wonder if disconnecting the power cable for about 10 minutes would help. If not, my best guess is that you probably need a service call.
Also, there is a firmware update to make the P9000 use the forthcoming non-chipped ink carts.
Should also fix chips not recognized by the printer.


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