G 7 certification


Are you familiar with SCCA?

Sports Car Club of America?

Yeah, I've heard of them...

Oh, wait.

Actually, no, I'd never heard of that process. I did some searching and reading though, and I imagine the reason I'd never heard of it is that I stay pretty much in large format inkjet. From the sound of it, that sounds like an attempt to make standard profiles work on non-standard media.

Again from what I've read, it makes a move from white point to white point that's not terribly dissimilar from what proper perceptual rendering intent might be. Which is interesting, but I didn't see anything about differing inking characteristics of different media. Perhaps I missed it.

In large format inkjet, every media/ink/resolution/density combination gets its very own profile. Done correctly by someone who knows what they're doing, that should be preferable to this 'work-around' every time.



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