G&J Multiline 72 Pro issues


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Hello, long time lurker, first time poster here.

The place i am working at uses a Multiline 72 PRO and was working without any issue until this week. I am getting a BLW MAX DEV sensor going off before the error DEV MAX SENSOR then a 16: SNS ERR, we cannot get around this, we have tried adjusting the float, cleaning the sensors. Flushing out the baths with water and nothing seems to be working. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks Josh


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I am not familiar with your processors' model, seems you have a "modern" interface on which you can read messages however, the basics stay the same:
You should verify if the level sensor in the developer bath is working correctly.

One way of doing that is switching the wires with the Fixers' sensor, than - if your message switches to the Fixer - you know your Developers' sensor is faulty and must be fixed/replaced.
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Don't know what float you are talking about but if memory serves this machine has conductivity type level sensors, essentially steel probes touching the liquid, what usually happens is connections to these probes corrode so you better take the side panel out and check the connections going to dev and fixer probes.


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We have checked the probes and they look okay, we haven't tried the fixer sensor yet but I will to find out for you.

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