Ghent Workgroup Announces 4 New Graphic Arts Webinars


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The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is hosting 4 new Graphic Arts webinars that will be presented by industry experts. These Color Webinars will look at some of the more problematic issues of color reproduction and how to anticipate and avoid them.

Color Webinar Information & Dates:
  • “Those things that prevent you from meeting your color reproduction expectations”—
    • The first ‘Color Webinar’ takes place on October 29th at 4 pm CET / 10 am (ET). Presented by: David Zwang & Steve Carter.
  • “Creating files from ‘non-designer’ applications”—
    • The second ‘Color Webinar’ takes place on November 19th: Presented by: Carl Van Rooy & Koen Degrande.
  • “Creating files from designer applications”—
    • The third ‘Color Webinar’ takes place on December 3rd. Presented by: Carl Van Rooy & Koen Degrande.
  • “What profile should I use and what are the differences? (PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-4, 1v4, 2012, 2015)”—
    • The Fourth ‘Color Webinar’ takes place on January 12th. Presented by: David van Driessche & Christian Blaise.
All webinars are recorded & made available on GWG’s website, and on GWG’s YouTube channel. Subscribe to the Ghent Workgroup channel to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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