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Had two experiences this week of jobs potentially turning into a disaster and managed a crazy workaround. Just thought I'd share and if anyone has similar instances.

1st - Printing x200 DL window envelopes (Conqueror Wove so pricey) Anyway only after ordering did I remember you mostly need digital compatible windows which I'm doubtful Conqueror even do. So ran a test and seemed to only wrinkle 3-4mm around the edge of the window apart from the lead edge, but still not acceptable. Part of a much larger order so eager to keep it on my press and not outsource to litho.
Solution - Ended up cutting a lightweight card slightly larger than the window and using minimal clear tape to tape it to the clear window on the lead edge, not onto envelope paper itself or it ripped. Managed to hand feed them through one at a time, removing the card to place on each envelope. Took maybe an hour.

2nd - Memorial Trifold Cards finishing as DL x150. Client wanted on Zeta Hammer Card which in the past can really be hit or miss getting the toner into the texture. Had some sheets left on the shelf from a long time ago and test print worked well. Went to order the stock and told can't get Zeta Hammer anymore so needs to be another range but "it's the exact same". Of course it arrives and the hammer effect turns out to be way stronger and prints look terrible, and I mean awful, pitting all over, even in text. Tried a load of settings on the machine but absolutely no joy.
Solution - Decided to remove laminate off my laminator, set pressure and heat to max and fed the sheets through which in effect managed to iron out the texture. Still felt like hammer but was much flatter and prints came out pretty much perfect. Only trouble was I had to underlap them as they went in laminator to stop them curling up before passing through all the rollers.


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That lamination move is 200 iq. Nice work. But what do you mean by "DL x150" and "x200 DL". I assume digital quantity of 150 and digital quantity of 200?


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