Help with Setting up Xitron Navigator V10 Tiff Settings


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I have a direct to screen plate(screen) making system that uses the Xitron Navigator rip. Recently the computer died on me that was running the rip so I am installing the rip onto a new PC and I have the dongle for it. Install went fine but for some reason I keep getting an error "Failed to find device TIFF" so ive been poking around the rip and under the configure rip settings the line that says "tiff .i64, TIFF" is not enabled. And it needs a password to enable it. Is this my issue?

I tried to reach out to Xitron (even offered to pay their service fee) for help but since its a v10 they said they dont support it any longer and cant help :(

Thank you!


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A bit confusing you're not sure if you need tiff output or not. You say you got the dongle so you must have the attached document containing purchased activation codes. Guess Xitron is right this is an old unsupported version they cannot generate codes for it any more.
Since posting I have confirmed from a friend that is running the same rip that his is enabled so I know I need to have that enabled.

Searching this form it seems that these extras are controlled via generic passwords, there is a thread on here about enabling the Simple imposition extra and its just a generic code.


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