Help with XmPie project output


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Hope all are well.

We have an XmPie variable data project that generates a pdf with documents for multiple recipients; with as few as one and as many as eleven pages. Each file and page has a differentiating ID text/code.

XmPie generates one pdf with all the pages and can't split output into individual pdf files based on the ID.

Could PitStop or other process possibly help us out splitting by ID?

Thanks for any advice/input

Unfortunately it is a Windows only program.
I run it in a VirtualBox VM for most of my needs. I do have a larger project every year where I need to split 100 supplied pdf files that contain 500,000+ pages that I run on our Windows server.
We have both Mac and Windows so should not be an issue.

Hope to test the trial version Monday.

thanks again.
Mr. Pabney:

Thanks again.

Spent some time with content splitter and found pretty easily that it can do what we need as long as the ID field is in a static/fixed page position and is a discreet number or string.

It looks like there is some additional search capability that would be able to identify the ID, which in our project, can shift position. Isolating that ID in its own text container could easily fix that.

So overall; progress and I appreciate your input.

Hi Stephen, I wonder if it would work if you standardised the location of the ID and make it white so it's not visible yet the page splitter could still see it.

yes; in a static/standard position it works. right now the ID is visible and can remain so. As the project moves forward we will refine both the data requirements from client and the final output document to facilitate splitting.

we have also tested using white text and the content splitter sees the "white" text. so this is also useful if/when we need an ID that client does not want included in output.



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