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Hope all are well.

We have an XmPie variable data project that generates a pdf with documents for multiple recipients; with as few as one and as many as eleven pages. Each file and page has a differentiating ID text/code.

XmPie generates one pdf with all the pages and can't split output into individual pdf files based on the ID.

Could PitStop possibly be the tool to help us out splitting by ID?

Thanks for any advice/input



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No sure about PitStop but it should be pretty straight forward to write a python script for this, for example based on PyPDF2 to search for text tokens on pages and extract the pages as required.

Or if for some reason the text tokens search is not feasible you can link the PDF with the source database then split the PDF according to the same rules used for creating it.



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Python programming/scripting not in my toolbox. I will pass along to my coding colleagues in case we need another alternative.

thanks for the suggestion.


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