Home Printers for printing onto small boxes?


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This is my first post here, please allow me to apologize in advance if anything i say sounds stupid etc. I've tried to search, but wasn't able to find much of anything, hopefully you all can point me in the right direction?

My fiancee and I own a small little home salon type business.

Similar to any one of these:

I know there are many people who can do this for me, and have seen many offerings on alibaba etc, i realize that would be the best option.

But please, just for arguments sake, let's suppose I have to do it myself at home. Suppose every box might be different and needed within 24 hours.

And each sheet might have 2 or 3 of these: Imgur

I very much apologize is what i've asked isn't clear. Basically im looking for any advice on if there's any sort of reasonably priced home printers that do this type of work?

Thank you


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I guess technically you could do it with any cheap home printer but keep a few things in mind.

1) what is the sheet size of the printer (8.5 x 11) probably can't make the box that you have in your image. the unfolded blank would simply be too large.
2) are you planning on shipping in this box? if so, product protection is critical and many home printers simply can't print on board stock as they can't run straight paper paths.
3) In your image of 4 different boxes, I can clearly see a setup box (top left) which is usually heavy board laminated with thin paper, a reverse tuck end printed on probably the backside of recycled (top right), a seal end with foil stamping (bottom left) and a basic reverse tuck end (bottom right). The variance in cost between these items is huge, based on many factors. You really need to get an idea of what you want, but also consider that your products which fall into the Health/Beauty/Personal Care market also may require regulatory labelling from the FDA (if you're in the US).

You may want to consider speaking with packaging organizations that are in the country you plan to ship to as there may be more regulatory requirements. Going the Alibaba route is one you can take, but I would be very wary. I just had a colleague purchase a bunch of cartons from Alibaba, and surprisingly something in the chinese paperboard leached and contaminated his product with a smell like rotting fish (UV curing or lack ofcan smell like that in some cases). My colleague had to replace 90,000 units of the product that was packaged.

If I was you, I'd consider finding the right carton for your product line and use a generic carton, but then use a label printer to differentiate. Many small companies do this and it's far more professional when compared to something off a home based printer.

I just noticed you're in Ottawa, Health Canada is currently implementing new regulatory labelling rules in your space. Might want to look into those first.

Just an opinion,

Stephen Marsh

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Justin, please define “reasonably priced”.

What is your budget?

I think you may be shocked at the money that you will need to outlay for both hardware and software to produce short run fast turn around labels and small cartons.

Stephen Marsh


Hi Justin
I maybe able to help. Our specialty is packaging mockups and press targets so we may have a low run custom solution for you depending on all the criteria.


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Justin, please define “reasonably priced”.

What is your budget?

I think you may be shocked at the money that you will need to outlay for both hardware and software to produce short run fast turn around labels and small cartons.

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I'd like to open by thanking you both for your responses.

By "reasonably priced" yes, you are correct that could mean anything. I suppose i was thinking not more than $1,000 USD. Please forgive me if that's laughable, and feel free to reply with "come back and talk to us when you have $400,000 USD" etc; I again, I REALLY have absolutely no idea what prices are reasonable.

What i do know is the following:
  • I have 2 printers; the "Canon Pixma mg5320" and the "Canon mx712" which is still in the box. Was on sale and i thought my other printer was dead.
  • I use the inkjet Canon Pixma mg5320 that was under $200 that is able to print "Avery" glossy (sticker-like) labels of sufficient quality for said labels.
  • This printer of course could not accommodate inserting a sturdy box-like structure, however, it is certainly capable of printing a high enough quality. I don't need anything like the examples above.
  • Each edge needs only to be very thin, but sturdy "enough."

I don't know if you're familiar with the ink boxes from staples, but something like this would be more than fine.

I would just need advice on:
  1. A type of printer that i could "flat feed" those sheets in to, and
  2. Advice on stores that sell 5,000 etc number of various types of sheets i can select from.
  3. Again, i am in Canada, but ordering from somewhere reputable that folks here could recommend would be of great help.

I want to thank everyone in advance for all their help as well, thank you. And i apologize if i missed responding to any of the points made above, im not intending to be rude.
Thank you again,

Stephen Marsh

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Check out Relyco.com and their offerings for what they call digipop. They're basically 12 x 18 sheets that are pre-diecut so all you would need to do is print (or have them printed) and then pop out and assemble.

DigiPOP Packaging Solutions - Variable Data Printing by Relyco
Similar to oxburger’s post, here is another (they used to sponsor/advertise on the main page of this website):

Promotional Products You Can Print On | Blanks/USA

One problem could be that the box may be too big for the product.

Stephen Marsh


Mohawk paper also makes a limited range of dimensional sheets as well.
Dimensional | Mohawk Connects

Inkjet would work decently well but you may need to apply a spray sealant or similar to give the package some durability.

Some HP and Epson 12x18 printers have a straight paper path for heavier sheets but it's one sheet at a time.
Look for this one used Epson Stylus Photo R2400 Ink Jet Printer, Specifications - Product Information - Epson America, Inc. or it's replacements with the newest one being $799.

Once your volume is up enough you can probably get a good product from quite a few folks here (including me).

Good luck!


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Any home inkjet would probably not be in your best interest. Inkjet ink will run or spread if the box gets damp, and humidity when being shipped would play a factor. Boxes printed with offset inks usually don't have this problem.

You could talk to a packaging company just to get an idea of what is needed. There are probably some governmental rules in regards to this (aren't there always?), and you need to know what you're getting into.

As previously suggested, going with a plain box and printing labels to suit your needs would be a far easier and cheaper option.

jimmy malik

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Go to your local drug store and look where the greeting cards & wedding stuff is. Our Rite Aid has some boxes on smaller sheets that will run through a home printer. I don't remember if they were inkjet compatible or strictly laser. As others have said, the best printer would be laser as it will not smudge or run. You need to be sure it has a bypass door so that the sheet can go through as straight as possible, otherwise it will tend to jam. Buy a pack and try it on some printers at the computer store or maybe a friend has one. Anything that will go through a home printer is going to be very thin and not too sturdy.

Personally, I would buy some nice high quality colored glossy boxes and then get some nice labels made (on sheets) with your branding that you can customize/personalize with a laser printer.


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