I HATE to be THAT guy...Xerox 700i FreeFlow help?


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I really hate to be the newbie to a forum blopping in and asking for free tech support, but...I'm just buggered. I'm just a weekend warrior here doing in house printing of marketing collateral for myself.

I taught myself to run (quite proudly) a DC250 with Fiery. I just "upgraded" to a 700i with FreeFlow, and I'm having some trouble navigating the learning curve.

If you guys wouldn't mind humoring me, I have a couple of (hopefully) simple questions. I have installed and am connected via the Remote Print Server.

First, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add as a Windows printer to print via applications, Global Print Driver or otherwise. I would LOVE the ability to set the finishing options through print dialog, too, but would settle for printing to PDF on punch/fold etc.

Second, is this thing serious with it's hangups on stock? I understand the purpose, of course, but being that I'm just doing what I do for me, can it be changed to just say "well, it's the same size. run it"?

And, finally, in consideration of #2 above, does my FreeFlow Professional license entitle me to a Makeready license? If so, where is the file located on the server to add? Further, if so, am I correct that Makeready would be installed on my desktop (not the Unix system)?

I think with the above I should be able to navigate, but I'm going to hang around here for a while, as it's a shame to have all the tools and not learn more, so thanks in advance!


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Did you figure this out?
We run Freeflow on Xerox C1000 and use hot folders
So set up Queues on printer with most common Impositions - Booklet, bus cards etc
the drop the pdf from your computer into the Hot folder in the appropriate queue

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