ideal 4315 stack cutter not cutting straight


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I just cut some stacks of paper and noticed that they aren't level, meaning the sheet on the top of the stack is deeper than the sheet at the bottom.

I'm probably using the wrong terminology so to make it easier, see diagram below.

I've looked in the manual for the machine and i can't find any clues on how to adjust it to stop this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

diagram wonky stack cutter.jpg
Check the backstop is true (90 deg. to the table) and there's no residue/foreign objects on the backstop to the top.
To check the backstop is true, knock up a new ream that you know to be correct and examine the right angle from the front.
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Typical causes in addition to Ynot's suggestion is; dull blade, not enough clamp pressure, too much clamp pressure, uneven clamp pressure. Also a soft (spongy) stock such as an uncoated textured text or cover. These papers should be trimmed in smaller lifts.
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At our place it's usually a dull knife & cutting through spongy stock like 50 or 60# opaque.

Looking at this cutter, I ran a similar one from Morgana. The clamp is electric not hydraulic & is not that strong. Start with smaller lifts.
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