Ink Temp. on HP Indigo 5000


New member
The press is reading zero temp. on Black, Mag. and Yellow. The Cyan says it is at 30.0 but I know that is not correct, because at start up it should be lower and then at get ready increase to 30.0. The conductivity are reading high. I have switched out the MIC board and checked fuses. Still same issue. I can of course bypass all the inks and print, but not knowing were the inks are at will not be a good thing. Any suggestions would be appreciate. We are not on a service contract, so I am winging on my own, and dead in the water.

Milo Wilson

Well-known member
Have you tried lowering the ink conductivity by removing some ink from the tanks and adding imaging oil? Have you checked the water flow from the cooler lines to the tanks?


New member
Yes the water lines and chiller are fine. It is something to do with the press reading the correct info. on the inks. I have changed the MCN board and the DCH board and no change. Still down. Thanks the suggestion Milo....

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