Interface Not Supported Prinergy Evo 3.x

Asim Khalil

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Hi Friends,

I am installing the Windows server 2003 on Dell Power Edge 840. My CtP machine is Creo Trendsetter 800 II. I am encountering the issue that is as soon as I insatlled the Prinergy Evo after installation without error while I restart or logoff I encounter Inerface Not Supported. I tried my luck in many ways but unable to solve it. Any idea or help will be highly favorable.




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I think we run similar computers and have a Trendsetter News as a platesetter. If what you are trying to do is replace an existing 840 (or create a backup computer) what you might try is cloning the existing computer's hard drive. Then you can try using the clone on the new 840. I have used Macrium Reflect for just such a reason.

I might also add that when our system was installed, Kodak made a Ghost image for restorations.
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