KM C6085 - Slitter Issue


We have been having an issue for 2 years and it's getting worse. The slitter will slit sheets as they pass through that section of the machine. The pieces being slit build up and create a jam that requires a technician visit. The technician pulls the slitter unit out of the machine, cleans the scraps and then everything is OK for a period of time. It's starting to happen every day or two and the technicians can't seem to identify what's causing this.

To be clear...we are not asking the slitter to cut anything. These are just sheets passing through the slitter module on their way to the stacker tray at the end of the machine. It seems like the slitter isn't staying out of the path of the paper.

Has anyone had this issue or heard of it?


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Yes had this exact issue on ours, the slitter isn’t returning to home correctly. Such a poor engineering design to run every sheet through the slitter. I don’t know what all they did to fix it, it took several service calls, and the machine is now gone.