KM vs Ricoh vs Fuji/Xerox


Another one of those threads !

i have gone through my pro and cons list on machines and keen to hear from real work experience that people have had with the machines,

Basically all three machines are similar in terms of features for us, we currently have 2 c1000i

All offer CMYK
All offer Banner sheet printing
All offer at least 350gsm

Current Volumes are about 150,000 colour and 150,000 mono a month SRA3

Machines we are looking at

Fujifilm / Xerox Revoria (Iridesse) with high cap feeder and stacker
Ricoh 9200 with larger feeder (900 from memory) and standard stacker ( no stacker for banner)
Konica 14000 900mm 3 tray feeder with smart ? stacker and standard tray for stacker

i have demoed each one and very impressed with all, as mentioned each have there small differences,

Xerox has the highest click charge vs KM the lowest, Ricoh in the middle
KM has the best feeding and output options, Xerox has the worst, Ricoh has a good feeder but standard stacker
Xerox has the best rip and interface with Konica second and ricoh standard fiery (wouldnt be any change to what we currently have which is a good thing for ease of use) but feature wise nothing new


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Haven’t touched a recent Xerox machine and probably won’t due to declining service quality in the area.
Had a KM6085, since you seem focused on the feeding, I’ll add that the vacuum feeder on ours was quirky and prone to jams. Also didn’t like the mechanism for adjusting the width either, major design flaw imho. Didn’t like the printer interface at all, and the fiery was incredibly slow and clunky.
Now Have a Ricoh 7210x, vacuum feeder is excellent. Interface is more modern / intuitive because it’s basically an android tablet, and the fiery is very integrated / works very well.


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We are looking at the c4080. Does anyone have a TU510? If so how do you like it?
I had the predecessor, tu504 I think. Never worked right, made low quality cuts with new wheels and frequently jammed. Had a neat feature that is every sheet went through this unit so it was constantly moving back and forth from sheet size to home - again jam prone and often would slit things it shouldn’t, like envelopes.


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After further research, it sure looks like a duplo dc 645 or 646. They do have mostly good reviews on this site. However there are many of them on ebay. I don't see that as a good sign.

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