Koenig & Bauer—Voted “Company to Watch” at Digital Packaging Summit


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At the recent, 5[SUP]th[/SUP] annual Digital Packaging Summit-2019 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Koenig & Bauer was recognized with the coveted “Company to Watch” award.

Organized / managed by NAPCO Media & Packaging Impressions magazine, the Summit is a 3-day, invitation-only gathering that played host to 95 printing / packaging executives anxious to expand their knowledge of digital package printing technology. The Digital Packaging Summit puts users and suppliers together to show how digital printing technology—in labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and corrugated materials—can deliver a bottom-line difference.

On hand were 43 solution providers—including Koenig & Bauer—who presented to and interacted with the packaging executives, sharing case studies and first-hand user reactions. The attending Label & Packaging executives at this year’s summit voted Koenig & Bauer as the “Company to Watch”, basing their decision on what they see in the market and what they heard at the summit.

Koenig & Bauer demonstrated its approach & digital vision for packaging, exemplified by the VariJET-106 which will be launched at Drupa 2020. A modular system, the VariJET-106 can be configured the way a printer requires for their particular production needs.

The VariJET-106 combines the strengths of digital inkjet with classic offset printing & inline finishing by integrating inkjet technology into the platform of the high-performance Rapida 106 offset press—a unique flexibility which defines the VariJET 106 as the most productive and cost-efficient hybrid printing system on the emerging market for digital packaging printing:
  • Coating, cold foil transfer and printing before the inkjet unit,
  • Coating, printing and die-cutting thereafter.
According to David Pesko, EVP NAPCO Media & event director. “We congratulate them on winning this coveted award. The ‘Company to Watch’ award is voted on by all of our executive attendees and represents the sponsor they feel is poised for success—the most innovative, and a company to keep an eye on moving forward.”

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