Learning Offset Lithography


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Hi there everybody!

I am interested in learning the basics of offset lithography.
Your help will be much appreciated.



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Hi there. Attached is a PDF from Sappi Paper that they distribute for free that is a brief introduction to your question. In t he PDF there is also some links to other articles.

These are just the basics. A good place to start is to read some of the threads on these forums and you will find several print blogs from some of the posters that offer additional information free of charge. If you would like to purchase information on printing, GATF has quite a few materials for learning.

If you have a specific question, you can post it on these forums and someone might be able to help you. Hope your research goes well!




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Five simple rules regarding running a printing press:

1) balance your ink and water films correctly and you can't go too far wrong.

2) keep impression levels, ink and water levels to a minimum and you minimize headaches.

3) keep calm as you can't think properly angry!

4) there's ALWAYS time for a reprint, and besides, that'll look FIIIINE when it's cut down and folded....

5) choose a fine Scotch to lean on for after the days where it all goes pear-shaped :)

Hope this helps!

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