Looking for Agfaset software


Hallo, please, I am trying to make an old Accuset working and I think, I need software Agfaset, but cannot find it. Agfa support wrote me, that there is no support for such old machine. Can anybody send me this software? Thanx a lot.


I assume you are looking for Agfa PDFrip which contain Agfaset.exe?
I have machine with internal RIP. I already got Agfaset for windows, but it doesn't work - cannot communicate with machine on Appletalk. I have installed Appletalk drivers from W2000 to Win XP and I am able to print from old Illustrator 8 now. But Agfaset cannot connect. I have tried more computers with win XP, win 98, win95 and still nothing :-( I found htat Agfaset installing its own appletalk driver, I have tried it also and nothing. I have no idea how to debug it. I have a problem, that black is not nice black. Film on daylight is more black then from machine.

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