lotem 400 error system (createFile,2)


Dear All

I need absolutely your help

After doing joind Diag, which has correctly done and no problem,
In the main window, error message appears immediately after lauching LotemGui

E System error [CreateFile,2]
E the operation "Put" of Distribution Card" fail
E Drum Power Switch Failed dueto the problemwith distribution Card
E MCF Card Startup required
E ....

Can you tell me please where is the distribution card? What can I do for solving this matter?

thanks a lot and wisk your quick reply

Angel Feliz

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look like there are diffrents problems with your device

The distribution board is located at the back of the lotem, you must remove the rear cover and look for the powerbox where some power supply breakers are located.
under the PDB also is located the drum driver.

looking the ctp from the back at the right door there is a controller for all software and solenoids .
when tou launch the ctp controller its loadee into that board.

Check them all.



Thanks for replying me.

So I've just checked all fuse on the distribution board, there is no broken, fuse on the transfo back the powerbox, nothing, the drumdriver is correct, all supply breakers are checked and on. All solenoid door are checked and correct, 5v and 24v 115v - 230v is correct on the distribution board. The buzzer run when one of solenoid door is not opened simultaniously. NUC - STROBE7 and TSP are ok in looking at inside the controller and following the hardware utility. Only distribution card and hardware card are fail and non ressetable causing system error (createFile,2)

Only, my question is: is it possible that the hardware computer T964S needs to reload bios, in that case, my floppy disk is out of service. It is a lotem 400V FH with omron. I lay this question because all problems are come during and after doing joind diagnostic fail. and after changing battery
in that case, I need absolutely download BIOS floppy reload.



Dear all

I think my problem come from BIOS which is corrupted, After tested all card, MCF - DDB - NUC - TSP, .. all are correct, only MCF can not load cause of this BIOS error so.
I try to reinstall my floppy BIOS disk but it is failed.

Can anyone send me a link to download it please? It is a lotem 400V year 2002, 12 diodes, - Main board card is a TEKNOR TEK T946S 566 -1.


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