Lotem 800 DDB fault


Hi I'm getting the attached error when doing an auto calibration on the lasers on my 2003 lotem 800.

I have tried to replace the ddb card with a spare, I have replaced the laser power supplies with spare but still no luck, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Perhaps this may help:


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Hi thank you for this.

I sorted the DDB error on that machine by replacing the board with a spare but still can not get the power supplies to power the lasers.

In the meantime my spare machine has developed a fault image attached. I have replaced the tsp cable but no difference


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Regarding power not reaching the Lbox - try replacing the Interlock Board located in the Distribution Box.
See the diagram on page 4 of the attached file,
Concerning the problem in your 2nd Lotem - after restarting both the Brisque and the Lotem, do you get the same error again?


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That diagram is very helpful, I really appreciate it .

On the machine with a Lazer power supply error, it seems there is power but it is going to ground as when we remove the ground terminal we get voltage.

On the other machine Yes I restarted both and still gives the buffer error.

Do you think the tsp board could be faulty

I have a spare TSP card but the part number is not the same so I don't want to try it and cause a further problem.
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Did you try to replace the Interlock Board?
Concerning your 2nd Lotem - I am not a trained technician but AFAIK, if a spare TSP board has the same type of connector, it should work.
However, I would start by unplugging the TSP board and cleaning the connectors.
Hi thanks for your help. No I don't have a spare one the spare interlock board i have is a different part number I'll try to see if I can find a used one
Take out the Interlock Board and check if it has burn (short-circuit) marks.
It happened to us a few years ago, the burnt item was replaced and the Lotem was fixed.
Thank you very much so far for your help it has been really helpful.

I have had some progress the machine that had a buffer error no longer has that error as I changed the tsp board however it is imaging random lines across the image (negative plate) any ideas what would cause that ?
Please describe the lines (thickness, spacing etc.). are they caused by laser exposure or lack of it.
Try changing drum rotation speeds and laser intensities.
Also, write the cat. numbers of the original TSP card and the replacement.
BTW, where about are you located?
Hi I'm in the UK, the lines are random it it exposing them but it is all over the place like outside where any image should be sometimes it solid thin lines sometimes it's dashed lines.
Thank you for your help so much .

I have changed the tsp/DDB cable to another spare I had and lines are gone

Do you know anyone who sells secondhand spares for these?
Actually I have quit a few spare parts from 3 Lotem 800V2 I took apart so as to have spare parts for my own machine.
PM me if you want anything specific.


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