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We have a Versant 80, just hitting two years with us now. Overall very happy but we do have two issues that have been with us since day1 and are know problems with the machine. Second BTR not cleaning and band lines in colours. Both issues discussed on here before. With the BTR I have to call them to come out and replace, generally I'd get 100k approx between changes but has been as low as 20k. Banding lines don't seem to have a solution, they just claim the nature of digital.

What i'm wondering is how long is the expectation document "legal". We have a service contract since day one. We bought outright so no lease.

Our click charge goes up every 12 months so about to hit again and I'm contemplating whether to try and get a reduction/halt to the increase based on the machines failures using the expectation document as ammo.

I mean it works fine but I cannot print 20% screen across an entire sheet without a line in them middle of colour, rarely is a problem as not often I have those types of jobs. Mostly would just mean a line of business cards being discarded from an order.
The second BTR is more of a problem as I literally have to check the machine constantly to make sure its not marking. Sometimes it appears and then disappears and you only discover random patchs through a job.

We are only a small printers and short run so overall I can live with them BUT I must admit if I was purchasing a new machine now they would have to offer me a big discount. I really can't believe they never solved this problem in the 180.

So what are the time limitations on the expectation doc, is it only at time of purchase or throughout the service contract?

Thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.


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Have you escalated the issue to the specialist, and if they are unable to resolve it, have you told the service manager you wish to exercise your total satisfaction guarantee? Not sure of the exact terms of your agreement, you should review them, it will outline this specifically...but if there's an issue they can't resolve they should be able to "like for like" the machine at your request.

I would be surprised if Xerox offered you a discount on your renewal to accommodate your dissatisfaction, but if you have equipment performance issues you can always go back and start disputing your invoices for time periods where you are down, wasted clicks, etc... Unfortunately since you bought your machine outright there's little incentive for Xerox to care if you aren't happy with the renewal...if you had a lease and were in the same situation it wouldn't be uncommon for a competitor to be able to buy out your term and put in a new machine, but because you own it its probably a big loss to dump the machine and start over on your end.


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Your machine, when you open the main engine door, should have a round circle, about as big as a hand, above the handle. That'd be the flywheel, which they added shortly after launch, ages ago. That fixed that banding you're talking about. About the streaking, what do you print on mostly? I have not heard that at all up here in Canada and I'd make sure I get the specialist to come up to my shop if I were you. That AINT normal.


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Ours already has the flywheel but still the line appears. Black about two inches from tail, the rest along the sheet spaced apart. The first sheet rarely shows it.

we run a lot of silk and gloss. The line I've been told a few times is that the Asian market where the machine was developed rarely use this finish of stock so the problem was never really seen until the machines hit Europe where silk and gloss are commonly used. Ive had techs tell me its one of Xerox's biggest f%$k ups.
I've had the techs lately tell me the Lumi stocks aren't the cleanest anymore and this is exaggerating the problem. In Ireland Lumi would be the most common silk and gloss by a long shot so I don't pay attention to this excuse. Having said that Lumi are suppose to be closing their mill in two years to focus on packaging stocks, which the reps are saying will hit the market.


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Our 2100 had faint lines in screens up until about a year ago. It seemed to go away when they rebuilt the belt assembly. Like you, I hate to nitpick the service guys, but for what we are paying we should expect line free screens. Our old C75 doesn't have the lines in screens, so why should this more expensive machine?


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