MacOS Sierra running Fiery Print Driver NOT DETECTING. help. . .


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Thought i'd upgrade to Sierra on one of the macs, everything seems to run ok, but i cant get the Mac to find my printer via the driver network search now. I've installed Fiery Command ok, but the print driver wont find the printer. Yosemite and El Capitan had no issues.

The printers the Versant 80. it's IP address is

Any ideas?


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Always a good idea to check with the vendor before upgrading, guess it's not fully supported yet?

Just because a previous OS upgrade worked that's no guarantee, each one is different.

Was there a particular reason you upgraded, personally I think it's always a risk on a production machine?


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I have always found Xerox to be bad with updating drivers for new versions of Mac OS. Not sure why, there is a beta out for a long time before it is released to everyone.


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Didn't you hear? Like the 3.5mm port for the iPhone 7, they decided to remove the ability to add wired printers. They sell an adapter for your printer for $500 so that you may connect your macOS device to it at any time.


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Living on the razors edge, one tends to bleed a bit. I don't believe Sierra is supported. Better check with Fiery tech support.


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I brought my MacBook Pro in to work today after installing Sierra last night. I did not have our Versant 2100 set for print on this computer so was doing a clean add for the printer. I downloaded the driver from xerox and just did the install through the driver. It did an automatic search, found the Versant 2100 and clicked ok and done. I used the latest driver found here:

It could be your print drivers are out of date and just need updating.


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Hi TLPSfremantle,

To my knowledge, our drivers are work with macOS Sierra 10.12. However, we found an issue with language settings that may cause non-English drivers to appear in English. The issue is being addressed and more details are available in this thread.

If you are having issues with driver installation, please let us know more details and we'll try to help you out.


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