MAN ROLAND R202 Problem

Dear Sir
I have problem with printing machine MAN ROLAND
type R202 ET OB
the power cut off suddenly and when we turn On the machine it seen it self three units
please can any one tells me how I configure it again for tow units
Best regards


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Hi sir:
1) you must Tight all the power Inputs cables+wires for Feeding machine

2) Tight the wires power Primary to the main transformer

3) tight the power wires secondary of the main transformer of the machine.

4) Test the main switch of the machine, can be fault, by the contacts : a) dirty b) broken c) loose wires, or damaged: repair or replace.

If everything is o.k then go the next second step: Measure the Bridge rectifier after the secondary main transformer, of course am Not SURE, if your machine has PLC(Programmable Logic controller)??


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Sir you can NOT configure , if you first does Not fix the power problem.

Please do it, after that you can do it. i will instruct it.

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