Need a compatible receipt printer for Quick Check 800 barcode verifier

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Our old NCI dot matrix receipt printer (model 1250b) finally stopped working, and now we're unable to print receipts directly from our QC800 barcode verifier. I've looked around on eBay & other sites, and also contacted local printer suppliers, and I can't get anything new at a reasonable price to replace it. Also concerned about compatibility since this is an old dot matrix printer with a 25-pin serial port input (the cord from the QC800 to the printer actually only has five of the 25 pins).

Question: If anyone is still using the QC800, do you still print receipts, and what model printer are you using? I just need to know what to buy that works.

I could probably get something new for <$200.00, but I want to make sure it's compatible (we'd been down this road before with a newer thermal Epson receipt printer, and no amount of adapters could make it work with the QC800).

Also--I wasn't sure what category this might fit into in the forum.

Any help or info at all is much appreciated, and let me know if more info is needed from me--thanks!

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