New Analysis of Color Perception (see MSM)

that article is a nothing burger !

Wow. That article really was a nothing burger.

" Our research shows that the current mathematical model of how the eye perceives color differences is incorrect"

and summarized with

"We didn't expect this, and we don't know the exact geometry of this new color space yet," Bujack said."

so, 'we declare it is broken, but have no proof.' Nothing burger.

My thoughts. Most color management technology was developed to solve a 'color differences' related problem. One problem ( where I am trying to make my monitor simulate how it will print ) is the problem of "can I measure two samples, and discover the difference and then use that information to make adjustments so they can match ( or at least, have one simulate the other? )

It is less about Lab - and more about CIE standard formulas. Lab is being used as a connection space. it can be used when transforming and companding but Dr. Granger ( a color scientist i have been working with for many years ) does not use Lab in any of his work.

If you are interested in looking at the many different CIE standard formulas, you can follow this link and then scroll down to page 7 of this google document

CIE Standards Comparison Tool for web...

This google document is about a tool that Dr. Ed Granger built - it is a tool for studying and comparing the historical iterations of the CIE standard formulas


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