New KM AccurioPress


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We just had the AccurioPress C2070 installed and as you know there is an awful lot to learn. As of yet the training is spotty. There does not seem to be a lot of input on this printer as of yet. Would anyone know if there is pdf,s or documertation and videos for training on this we can use.
An HTML user's guide is available online for the machine. For the controller, which did you get? More importantly, what training commitment did your vendor make?


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Thanks for the links DiVision and Steve0 4 days of training commitment but it did not work out. If this works out we will add to this.



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We are currently an all Ricoh shop and our 901+ Pro is tired after 4 years so went shopping. We looked at Ricoh, KM and Canon. I thought we would wind up with a KM machine, but was surprised when we finished our shopping and testing process by purchasing Canon. Yeah -- this is the first post in this thread to mention Canon. The machine appears to be better built, the quality is comparable, and the pricing and cost per copy were very competitive. Productivity on heavy stocks and two sided print appears better as well.

For years it hasn't seemed like Canon was much of a player in print-for-pay, except for the Oce Black & White boxes, but we feel pretty good about these machines.

KM talks about their registration system with the "visual" registration, but the demos sure showed white where there shouldn't have been. Maybe just because I'm an offset guy, but sure don't mind the gripper and guide method of registration.

Of course, it helps that we are in Chicagoland and about 15 minutes drive from major support facilities for both Canon and KM. I think service can be more important than the machines nowadays. If Ricoh was able to better maintain the machines we have we wouldn't have even needed to go shopping.

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