New Print production course for Designers


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PIA has launched a new, highly anticipated Print Production course for Designers. Presented by Joe Marin—VP of Education & Training—Print Production for Designers explores the lifecycle of a printed job and explains what it takes to design & build files that print, fold, trim and finish properly.

This e-learning course delves into core production concepts, software tips / tricks, and the questions you to ask the printer. Using real-world, visual examples and hands-on exercise, designers will take their skills to the next level by considering the most critical aspects of print production as they create their next job.

PIA members can use Print Production for Designers to educate their clients, designers and creatives on how to properly prepare files to build a smooth working relationship from design to finished product. Individual course logins may be purchased for $29 each, and are open to the following personnel:
• Customer service representatives,
• Prepress technicians,
• Designers & creatives,
• Customers.

Topics covered by the course include:
• Roles and responsibilities;
• Types of printing processes & products;
• Specifying the project;
• Color spaces, communication and ink selection;
• Pixels, dots and image resolution;
• Dealing with fonts;
• Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat production tools;
• Creating perfect PDFs;
• Collaborating on a press check.

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