New Release of DesignO-V1.4


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A new version of DesignO-V1.4—web-to-print application—has been released with a range of upgrades. According to Design‘N’Buy, DesignO can be integrated with existing software & systems without causing disruption to their IT infrastructure. The application includes a mobile responsive design tool for personalization and an enhanced web2print administration panel for the back office.

The V1.4 upgrade includes tools for streamlining job creation, a built-in job board to find & assign tasks, an updated order management system that provides users more options for customizing ordered artwork & tracking progress. A summary of the updates includes:
  • Packaging 3D Preview with Zoom In-Out Capability—for a more accurate understanding of what their design looks like in real time.
  • Visualize Merchandise Products in Real Time—to visualize of how the final customized product will appear.
  • Edit Artwork—admins can edit artwork that customers send directly from the admin panel.
  • Job & Workflow Management Module—contains new features so admins & authorized users can view job status & job calendars.
    • Admins can instantly message, communicating with other users & customers.
    • Admins can turn off/on job status before creating a new one.
    • Admins can decide who can view a job’s start & end dates.
Design'N'Buy announced the new version of DesignO V1.5, a major update with powerful features like file upload, upload brand kit, live preview for text editor and enhance the design capabilities of users.



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