Output Delivery / Versant 80 - Workstation 5


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I am trying to change the default setting in my Output Delivery to be "Face Up" instead of the present default of "Face Down".

This would save me having to change it on every one sided job I print.

Thanks for any tips.



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I think you have to connect to the Versant with the IP address through a web browser. I remember the tech doing that when we setup our Versant 2100. When I do that I get web tools for the printer, pretty sure if you set default there to face up it will change the default. If not that then there was something else called "cups". I have it bookmarked and the address is http://localhost:631

Not sure if that is universal. When I do that I get access to every printer on my network, xerox or not. I can go into the Versant there and edit things. Now that I think about it I think "cups" is where the defaults were changed.


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I think a Java update screwed ours up as I can no longer get to that page. But yes, if you right click the Fiery bar at the top -> Webtools -> Configure Tab -> Launch Configure and it should be in there.


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You should be able to go in command workstation under device center - workflows - virtual printers - then edit either print or hold depending on which on you are using and set the defaults however you want.


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No, really... I insist. Thank you!

It worked! I am now as happy as a man can be in this business. I no longer must select "Face Up" on every job, which of course completely wears me out.


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Gotta have face up.

My tech couldn't understand why I was upset when my stacker only worked on face down.

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