Plockmatic 350 Pricing Question

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Looking to ADD a new Plockmatic 350 to my Ricoh 9200

What pricing are people seeing out there for this unit?

I already have the RICOH Standard Stapler / Finisher Unit The SR 5050

RICOH is presenting a Plock 350 with 3 knife trim / square binding & creasing

Fair pricing for this ??

Also - is it worth the EXTRA $$ to get the Plock 500 "upgrade" kit as well?

Many Thanks
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I would go offline, we have a BM500 (Morgana) with a vacuum feeder, square fold and trimmer. About 6 years old now and is one of the most run pieces of equipment on my shop next to a cutter and folder. We have run about 550,000 books through it, with very few issues that were not easy to fix. Yes, get the 500 upgrade kit, well worth the money once you see how thick it will stitch.

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