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Hi All,

I recently discovered another company doing presentation folders on a digital machine.. Not sure how exactly.. One thing i though of is having the flaps pre-cut and then glued onto the front / back section (2-3 parts instead of 1 part), which could be digitally printed... of course the flaps would only be white but ???

Does anyone have a working solution for this product that you actually sell successfully? Can you pre-cut a sheet before printing?

And please no-one reply with a machine that has more than the standard 330mm x 480mm sheet size of most digital machines.


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I've also seen pocket folders that are completely assembled but have a sheet of lamination on the front. You place a printed sheet onto the front and laminate the printed sheet onto the front of the pocket folder. Hope that makes sense.


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You can either do the pockets in white and have a stack of pre-cut ones or you can lay the die out correctly and print the pockets and then die cut them for the order, we have done it both ways. It works great for very short run Presentation folders but it is rather labor intensive.


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or you can lay the die out correctly and print the pockets and then die cut them for the order

Question is, could you pre-cut sheets (obviously leaving the flat edges and some notches to hold them in) and then print on these?

This way you could just pre-cut 10,000 of sheets which would be pretty cheap rather than having to send them out do be die-cut for every order (we do not have a cylinder or platten on-site)

Also, alot of people offering this or similar products state the client has to do the assembly, but i have found a couple that do the assembly before sending it to the client. Which way do you think is best, from a client point of view ie. pay less and have to assemble them, or pay more for us to assemble them?


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I've done several orders of digital folders on my Xerox. You can buy the pre-scored sheets but I like using my own stock and scoring it on my machine. I buy the pockets in Kromekote with biz card and CD slits and I print on 12x18 12pt Kromekote. I do quantities under 100.


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We do batches of ten for $40 (excluding design) - we will assemble - double sided tape etc - printed inside and outside. We trim the flaps with no round corners -just a sharp slope - but we only trim after we have scored and put the double sided tape on. Printed inside, outside and on flap - people love them!

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